Thursday, April 26, 2012

it's the weekend!!!!!

yup! i'm startin' it a day early!!!! i'm on vacation again tomorrow. i don't know where the past couple weeks have gone --they've just flown by. someone took some of the days out of my weeks & weeks out of my month!! i've been busy, but i don't know what with!!! i haven't worked on any projects since the doorknob project. i haven't even had time to write very many posts on my blog like i'd like to. i've got lots of posts "written" in my head though!!! someday i'll get them on here for you!!!! nothing exciting has happened -- except for the fact that i bought all new underwear today!!! no pictures for you though!!! ha ha!!! i am going to work on a BIG project this weekend, so i'll be back later, probably late sunday night or monday night and i WILL have pictures. (of the project, not the underwear!!!)

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Anonymous said...

i am NOT going to say who i am bc you KNOW who i am.... and sorry so late getting to this one.... do i want pictures? should i want pictures? well, I guess that Depends!! lol sorry. Making lots of Depends jokes..... and they all have to do with UNDERWEAR! so there! bwhahahaha