Saturday, April 14, 2012

everything's ok!!!

hey everyone!! sorry i've been absent the past couple weeks.....the time has flown by & i've been busy & just haven't had time to write on my blog. i've got several posts written in my head, so stay tuned!!!!

haven't even had a chance to work on this project that i started 2 weeks ago!!!

i had an eye dr. appointment this morning & my eyes are dilated now, so it's hard to see!!! i'm headed out to the virgin islands for a couple hours to relax, have plans tonight, & tomorrow after church i'm going to "the boonies" to see my friend cindy in magnolia & lay out by her pool. so, it's gonna be a great weekend, but i probably won't have a chance to write until tomorrow night.

it's good to know that so many people were missing me here on the blog!!!!! i've got some good posts planned, so come on back!!!!

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Anonymous said...

nb. not dead (that is good news!) but no funny story either. well i guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the life and times of texas country girl! and circular saw man.