Tuesday, April 3, 2012


ok. i know sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.

i rested for part of it. and i rested for part of saturday, so does that count?!?!

sunday afternoon i plowed.

with a real plow!

MY plow.

i had some of that big yucky grass grow along side of the patio where the bluebonnets were and other places in the yard & i needed to get it out. i was using a hoe, but that wasn't workin' too well. then i thought, "hey! i should put my new plow to work!!"

we had one of these when i was growin' up, so i know how to use one!!! this one was going to be "decoration" in the flower bed, but what the heck! may as well get my money's worth!!!! (actually, it was a gift!)

so, without further ado, here are ALL the pictures:

gotta finish up this side

ain't he cute?! yup, it's a he!!! he doesn't have a name tho...........

maybe i can be like george foreman & name everything sam, sam 1, sam 2, sam 3, sam 4, etc.!!!!!!!!

i know one thing, i'm gonna plow me some flowerbeds soon!!!! and maybe a garden!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey-nb here. Resting: 'evening and the morning were the first day' indicates that our 24 hour start at midnight days are not what God did so going over can work.... looks like your edger works better than my electric machine!