Friday, April 20, 2012

this post will probably shock some people

but i'm all for keepin' it real, so here goes!!!!

(p.s. this has NOTHING to do with this post, but i'm craving "salt & vinegar" potato chips. & it's midnight & i'm in my pj's so i'm not going to walmart & kroger's is closed, but i wouldn't go there in my pj's either! i wish there was a drive thru.............well, come to think of it, this DOES relate to this post:)

the other night at dinner this topic of conversation came up: since texas has an "open container" law (meaning you can't drive a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol) JUST HOW does "the daquiri hut" drive thru operate??? "amwacs" said "in lou-z-ana they seal the lid with duct tape & don't give you a straw"!!! i said i didn't see how that would work here in texas!

driving home from a friend's house tuesday night i was stopped at the light at 529 & queenston......right by "the daquiri hut".....there were no cars in line.....hmmmmmm....curiosity got the best of me & i pulled into the drive thru lane, hurriedly read the menu & quickly ordered a frozen raspberry margarita. a large. the lady kept impatiently asking for my order & a car pulled up behind me so that's why i had to order quickly. i briefly scanned the menu---they've got food & non-alcoholic drinks & even a kid's menu! (they used to have a play ground area there, but planted it all over with trees)

well, the lady hands me my styrofoam cup with a regular old lid AND a straw. no duct tape. no asking for ID. and off i drove! you have to drive along the back of the building clear around to the other side of the shopping center to get out of the parking lot. of course, i'm looking for hidden police cars the whole time!!!! i pull out onto 529 and hear SIRENS!!!!

coming down the road is an ambulance which passes me!!!!!! so i took a drink--right there at the light on 529! whew!!! was it ever STRONG!!! more drinks - brain freeze - still too strong. but i wasn't going to let it go to waste!! when i got home i poured it into the blender, diluted it with a little water & more ice & DOUBLED my drink! filled up the styro cup & stuck it in the freezer. drank the other one & boy did i sleep good that night!!!!

yes, i admit that i have been known to have a drink. it's usually just a margarita or glass of wine when i'm at "the boonies". i don't go to bars. i don't get drunk. my dad was an alcoholic & alcohol caused lots of heartache in my life. in my early 20's i would go CW dancing with a girlfriend on friday nights. 3 really bad things happened to me because of alcohol. it's taken a lot of years gone by to come to grips with alcohol. i don't condone getting drunk (why would you want to drink til you were sick & throwing up?? who likes to throw up? & having a hang over & feeling sick doesn't sound fun to me), but i don't see anything wrong with a drink or 2 if you're just doing it for pleasure or relaxation. paul told timothy in the Bible to "no longer drink water exclusively but to use a little wine for the sake of your stomach & your frequent ailments." 1st timothy 5:23 and Jesus used wine a lot. but i also feel you should use it in the safety of your own home & not drive while drinking or drunk.

hmmmmmmmmmm.....i wonder if "the daquiri hut" has salt & vinegar potato chips??? i didn't get a chance to read everything on the menu board!!!!!


Anonymous said...

nb(why do i have to identify myself?? I need a code name! lol) I have NO CLUE if the hut has chips... but one of these days we will have to figure out how to have a nice glass of wine...without either of us getting into trouble! Wow... drive thru alcohol. Wish you hadn't told me... how much? hee hee

dorothy erdely said...

nb - stay away from the hut!!! you always have children in your car!!!! yes, we do need to have our "girls night out" soon - i'm craving chinese AND salt & vinegar chips!!!! i'm SURE the hut doesn't have chips!!!! at least not S&V chips!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh darlin.....remember in the olden days 'going to the hut' meant you were either picking up photos or getting pizza! lol

dorothy erdely said...

!!! you called me darlin!!!!! now my life is complete!!!!!! LOL

Laurie said...

wow... sipping and driving, you crazy lady! LOL. Don't worry, I know you are a responsible adult.
And since I am nosey, I wonder who this anonymous is!