Sunday, April 1, 2012

my canton weekend

it was "1st monday weekend" up in canton this past weekend. this is like the biggest market days event in all of texas. i love it - & it's the ONLY place with lots of crowds that i can tolerate!!!!! i'd rather go to canton with 6 million people than go to the local walmart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i left friday morning with a friend from church. we stayed at her sister's house in tyler, had dinner with 4 generations of family & went to canton on saturday. we met suzanne there saturday afternoon, so i got to see my baby too!!!! we wore ourselves out walking all over, came home, had frozen margaritas, mexican food & watched a movie. this morning we got up @ 5am & drove back to houston in time for church!!!!! it was a great weekend!!!

on the way up we stopped at a bunch of antique/junk places. got some good ideas!

here's a preview of what i got this weekend.....

these are the start of PROJECTS!!!!!

on our way up to tyler friday, we stopped at a chinese restaurant in crockett. this was in my fortune cookie:

it says: "be satisfied with what you already own."

i have never had a more relavent, perfect fortune!!!

i think i was being told not to spend too much money in canton!!!!! well, i was careful. i went with the intention of getting doorknobs.

and i got doorknobs.

and a couple other things.............

my $2 chair!!!!!

i've always wanted one of these old chippy windows! i'm going to hang it up high on the living room wall. i need a man with a tall ladder, a hammer & a level........oh wait! i have all those things, so i guess i just need the man!!!!!

and THIS is my new toy!!!! and i spent this afternoon playing with it!!!
i love it!!!

hey -- a girl's gotta have PROJECTS, right??!!


Stacey said...

I love your purchases! I have always wanted to go to Canton. It looks like you had a great weekend. I am hoping to go next year when John is a little older.

Anonymous said...

nb here. i love clear doorknkobs!! Can't wait to see what you make! And you drove half the morning to get home for church!! Dedicated!!!