Tuesday, April 3, 2012

so many posts, so little time!!!

i have about a dozen things i want to post about!!! but alas, i must post them one.at.a.time!!

(that's funny - if i were talking instead of writing, i would never say "but alas"!!!!!

yesterday i worked on a project. tonight i worked on several projects.

i love projects!!

i'll tell you about yesterday's tomorrow! tonight, here's a couple i did tonight.....

the first project was hanging the window.

this window is perfect! it's all chippy paint,

rusty metal hardware,

weathered!! on the backside (the outside side) the caulking on the window panes is all crumbling. it was a hard decision as to which side to face outward. but the inside finally won!!

first i had to attach some hangers to the back of the window. then get out the 8' ladder, measure the distance between the hangers, mark the wall, get it level, insert the drywall screw things....

it would have been nice to have some extra hands helping with this, but i managed!!! i think i might have wanted it about 3-6 inches higher, but that window is HEAVY!!! there's no way i could have gotten it higher by myself. but i like the way it turned out..........

it's like a secret window to some old attic hideaway!!!

and it fits & finishes this room perfectly!!!

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Anonymous said...

nb here. Get Lupe Garcia (the secret talented painter) to paint you a scene for 'behind' your window!! Then it would look like a real window! Some of her work is just jaw dropping!!