Friday, January 20, 2012


this was on another blog i read.......these are my answers to her questions.....

Currently loving... God, with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength.
Currently reading... October Song
Currently waiting for... God to do something really fantastic!
Currently excited about... can't tell ya!!
Currently dreaming about... warmer weather & floating in the pool & can't tell ya!!!
Currently missing... my daughter & my suntan
Currently trying... to get motivated
Currently working at... trusting God.  completely.
Currently enjoying... the silence except for the the wind & windchimes which sound beautiful!
Currently snacking on... a piece of cake my new neighbor brought over.  it's good, but i have officially decided i do not like cake. i will never eat another piece of cake.
Currently using... olive oil hand soap.  i love the smell!!
Currently wearing... a bathrobe
Currently planning...for a stamping workshop with church ladies tomorrow morning.
Currently singing... nothing
Currently needing... a hug.  but not a girlfriend hug & not an "old man hug" from the little old men at church!  a real, long, strong, romantic, "i'll make it ok" & hold you forever hug.
Currently learning... to be patient.  been learning this a long time & still haven't mastered it yet!
Currently listening to...the windchimes blowing in the wind.
Currently wishing... someone would get the message!
Currently doing... running water in the tub for a bubble bath
Currently praying for...can't tell ya!
Currently dreaming of... moving to the country
Okay it's your turn if you want... you can give me a run down of a few of your current statuses in comments just for fun. 
contest ends tonight.  get your vote in!!!!  winner announced tomorrow!!!!

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