Sunday, January 1, 2012

howdy twenty twelve!!!!!

twenty twelve

2012, yer gonna be even MORE fanstatic than 2011!!!!!!!

i'm excited to get this new year going. 
i can't wait to see what opportunities God has in store for me this year!

i've already started my new year off with TIME.

time with God this morning at church - it was such a good time that i was shocked when the pastor said, "let's pray" and that was the end.   i almost didn't want it to end & neither did some others that i talked to afterwards!!

time with friends - what a blessed time!  i honestly wished that didn't ever have to end.  i didn't want people to leave!  i would have been happy for them to stay with me forever!   my home was filled with so much love this afternoon!!!  i want it to be that way everyday!!!!

i had a wonderful weekend with my friend sandra.  it was so good to spend hours & hours talking & getting re-connected.   it was so neat to learn how much we have in common, even after not seeing each other in 20 years!

i am so excited to spend time with friends this year.  really strengthening relationships.  making new friends.

nancy brown "won" THE PLATE this year!  (she moves FAST  so the pictures are blurry!!!!)

 she thought she got ritz crackers!  then she thought she got klondike bars!

she couldn't believe it when the paper inside the box said, "THE PLATE!"

- but it was stolen from her by madonna boyd!!!! 

poor nancy!!!  that's twice she's gotten the plate & twice it's been stolen from her!!!   (& i had it twice  & now madonna has had it twice!!!!  i'm gonna miss it, but it's so much fun to pass it around!)

nancy couldn't belive her friend madonna was really going to steal it from her!!!

 look at the look on madonna's face!!!!! she is sooooooo happy that she got the plate!!!!!

and  look what i got!!!!!    it fits me & my house just perfectly!!!!!!!    it's iron, it's rustic, it's texas, it's got a star!!!!!!

and i had the perfect place to hang it!!!!!

it truly was a happy new year!!!!!

be blessed!!!!

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