Wednesday, January 18, 2012

embarrassing pictures

i'm embarrassed to show these pictures. 

this is what happens to the virgin islands in the winter.............


the bluebonnets are growing like CRAZY but so are the weeds!!!!

i had monday off so i put on my swimming suit & shorts  & spent the ENTIRE day pulling weeds.  my hands were so sore at the end of the day.  i can't work in gloves.  the tips of my fingers were almost raw.  reminded me of the movie "places in the heart" when sally field & the others are picking cotton day & night.  i'm glad i don't have to do this for a living!  my hands were so stained & dirty - they look like those of a diesel mechanic!!!!   i scrubbed them 3 times before i took a shower & scrubbed them & they still wouldn't come clean!  i couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of them to show you!!!

here's what i left for the garbage men......    i'm sure they LOVED me!!!!  15 bags of leaves & weeds!!

this is what the virgin islands looked like in the morning:

and this is what it looked like later in the evening:

those places that are left aren't places i missed - they're bluebonnets!!  it's going to be a BUMPER CROP this year!!!!!   if anyone wants to get your picture taken in the bluebonnets, come to my backyard instead of driving all the way out to brenham!!

look at all those plants!!!!  it amazes me how they LOVE to grow in the cracks of the patio & by the back door -- i'm not going to be able to open that door once they get bigger!!   the flower beds are FULL of them & i've got them growing where they've never grown before!!!   i can't wait til TEXAS EXPLODES in my backyard again this year!!!!

still got lots to pull -- but i'm blessed!!!  blessed to HAVE a home that has a yard even if it IS full of weeds. 

but the flowers will be beautiful this spring!!! 

and where else can you wear your swimming suit in the middle of january???!!!!



Anonymous said...

for the future weeding fun--- mousturize your hands well and put bar soap under your fingernails... this helps with cleanup. Why can't you wear gloves?? Ann O Nymous

Amy said...

We just might take you up on the bluebonnet picture offer!!

jamsmom said...

we will definitely drive there vs 45 minutes up the road. last year was the first year we didn't even get them :(