Saturday, January 14, 2012

today's projects

we had almost 30 women at Bible study this morning!!!!   yay God!!!!   we're beginning a lengthy study on all the books of the Bible.  i pray that everyone sticks it out & we have a turnout like that every month!!!!  it's gonna take about 4+ years to do this study!!!!  wow!!!

one thing we did that was really neat was we went around the room & each lady told who her favorite Bible character was.  it was an interesting way to get to know people better.  the leaders are going to have a question like that each time - i think that's a great idea!!

after Bible study i met suzanne for lunch at jason's deli.  they've made my favorite sandwich a "seasonal sandwich" so it's not on the menu right now.  and no amount of coaxing would convince them to make one for me today!!!   well, we had a nice lunch anyways & then she took off for lumberton.  i'm heading there tomorrow with grandma for my niece's baby shower.  i made her gift, but i can't show it yet because i want it to be a surprise.   after the shower suzanne's heading back to dallas.  i wish we both could have had the whole month off together.  she worked at the movie theater so i didn't get to see her too much.   i miss her already!!

after lunch i worked in the front yard ALL. AFTER. NOON.  and i'm still not completely done with it but i ran out of daylight.  a couple months ago i put down winterizer fertilizer.  i think the only good it did was produce an abundance of weeds.  (makes for a pretty green winter lawn, but it's not what i want!!!!)  i raked & raked & raked & pulled weeds & ended up with this:

 i used to have such a THICK lawn, but last summer's drought really did a number on it.  i'm praying it comes back this spring.  i am going to have to buy some sod for quite a few places (like the whole front part between the sidewalk & the street).......!

meet "nellie":

she's my new lawn mower!!!!!!!!!     with the price of gas, it's hard enough to put all that $$ in my car let alone just burning it up in the lawn mower, so last fall when my mower died i got this "old fashioned" reel mower!!!!   IT. IS. SO. COOL!!!!!   it's really easy to push, cuts FANTASTICALLY & won't cost me a dime from here on out!!!!!  (except to get the blades sharpened every once in awhile)   i've already used it quite a few times & i love it!  it came with a little grass catcher, but i like letting the clippings fall back to fertilize the grass.  i want my thick lush grass back so i can mow it!!!!  

it's so much fun, i just might mow other people's grass too!!!

i wasn't a finalist in that "best project of 2011" contest, but that's ok - my projects were winners in my book!!!!

here's a sneak peek at my next project:

i think i'll have a little contest of my own!!!!   if you can guess what this project is, you'll win.......something!!!  (i'll come up with something!!!!!)   SUZANNE - YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED, SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER COMMENTING & GIVING IT AWAY!!!

leave a comment below - if you're one of the many who are having a problem leaving a comment with your url or name, do it anonymously, but write your name in the comment so i know who you are!!   sorry about that - i just can't figure it out & i can't leave comments on other people's blogs either, so i don't know what the problem is.  if you can't leave a comment below, leave one on my facebook page in the post about this post.

contest closes next friday night & i'll announce the winner saturday.  in case of a tie, i'll do a random drawing of the correct answers.

monday's a holiday so i'm going to the virgin islands.  not to play, but to work.  the weeds are WORSE there!

be blessed!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

my guess is that you are finally painting the pantry door. Can't wait to see it when you are finished. maggie