Monday, January 2, 2012

mother/daughter projects

the other day i said i'd post my sign makeovers & suzanne's project but other things took precedence so here they are...................

my signs, before:

this one is hanging in the dining room---

my house used to have a red/white/blue theme.

this one hangs over the tv in the living room  (the 11th commandment!!) --

my house now has a black/white/red/green/brown sort of theme & the red/white/blue of these signs has bugged me for a long time!!!   (funny the things that bug a person!!)

so i painted them white with homemade chalk paint

 & used that same gallon can of black paint that i re-did the whole house with  (some friends yesterday said that gallon was like the widow's pots of oil in the Bible - they couldn't believe i did everything with that one gallon!!!).

not "into" hearts, but that's how these came when i bought them, unfinished, bare wood, about 100 years ago!!

i hot glued black stars (spray painted some yellow ones i had!) over the hearts

& now they are perfect!!!!  (i cleaned up that glob of glue after i took the picture!!!)

i purposely painted them like that because i'm a rustic-kinda-girl (& i also didn't want to have to do any sanding!!!!!! saved some time!!!).

from this:

to this:

 much better!!!!

i think they look a lot like those old black & white metal door signs!!!!

suzanne's project:

suzanne's gonna live in an apartment on campus with some other girls next year & they've been shopping  good will  for things for their apartment.  (smart girls!!!!)  one day she came across this DEAL. 

she found this huge, heavy mirror for $8.    that's right eight dollars!!!!  she called me & asked if she should get it - not knowing anything about how it looked i asked if she REALLY needed it.......she said "MOM!  it's ONLY $8!!!"   

she bought it. 

someone had started to paint it white, got 1/2 way done & quit. 

she's her mother's daughter, so suzanne painted it, sanded it, stained it & now has a fantastic looking mirror that would have cost hundreds of dollors & she only paid $8 & change for the paint!!!!!

of course, i forgot to take a picture before she got started painting!

now this is her mirror, her project, so of course she painted it turquoise!!!  (i probably would have painted it black!!!!!!)

i also would have painted it in the GARAGE, but she was very careful to protect the dining room table!!!  and i was very careful to bite my tongue use PATIENCE & not say anything during the whole process!!!!

she did a fantastic job & i really like it.  i don't want to let her take it!!!  i think i could even live with the turquoise!!!!!

here's the after.  you can tell by the chair how big this is.  & it's heavy.

 i like the way she brushed the turquoise over the white decoration thing leaving some of the white showing.....

she did a really good job with the sanding.  really sets it off nicely!!!!  i love sanding!!! (except when you're doing 52hundred kitchen cabinet doors!!!)

that's my girl!!!!!!!!!

well, it's the last day of a 4 day lots to do!  took down the christmas decorations at church this morning & i really should take them down at home today too.   the worst part is dragging all the storage boxes in from the garage & then dragging them back out there!!!!!!!   at least i don't have to  haul them up to the attic!!!

last year i still had a garland on my dining room window sill until EASTER!!!!  had some friends over for breakfast after sunrise service & as we were eating i noticed it!!!  i wonder who else did??!!! (oh well, i had a good excuse last year - no excuses this year!!!!)

have a blessed 2nd day of the new year!!!!

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