Saturday, January 21, 2012

contest winner

well, my sister maggie correctly guessed - in fact, she was the ONLY ONE who guessed - what my latest project was!!!!   she wins a trip to the virgin islands, airfare NOT included!!!!!!!!!   ha ha ha!!!!  actually, i should have disqualified her too since i told her my plans way before christmas & forgot i told her!!!   be watching your mail maggie!!!

so, my project was my pantry door!!!!

yup!!!  it's RED!!!! 

i love it!!!!

i've still gotta paint the walls & the woodwork.

i saw on someone's blog where they had painted their cabinets white, painted the walls apple green & painted their pantry door apple green.  i thought that it looked so cool & knew right then that i wanted to paint the pantry door RED!!!

i'm the only person i know who has a RED pantry door!!  i was the only person i knew who had a wall papered pantry door too!!!!  

what i'd REALLY like to find is an OLD chippy wooden screen door!!!! 

now to just get the walls & woodwork painted......................

so blessed!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

niiiiiice. red is one my fav colours.