Sunday, November 25, 2012

it's a christmas miracle!

well, 2 miracles, actually!!

the 1st happened yesterday --- i made pancakes!!!

it's taken 51 years, but i finally made pancakes! pancakes that worked! pancakes from SCRATCH!

i have never been able to make pancakes. they don't cook right, they burn, they're hard to flip -- it's just a big mess. so i don't cook pancakes. don't even try to. suzanne has asked several times in the past if i would make pancakes & i have refused. i have never made pancakes for my kids!

suzanne can make pancakes. but up until yesterday, her mom couldn't!!!

yesterday morning i woke up & thought, "i think i'll make pancakes today for suzanne!"

she was still asleep so i got out this recipe for "the best pancakes ever" & mixed up the batter from scratch. i got the iron skillet hot & poured a little measuring cup of batter in. the bubbles formed, i flipped it & IT WAS PERFECT!!! i cooked up the whole batch & then went to wake up suzanne. i told her i had a surprise for her & she needed to come to the dining room right NOW!

well, she was surprised!!! and still very tired, but pleased & impressed. (well, maybe i was the one who was pleased & impressed -- she was very tired!) a couple of them were still a little "raw" in the very center, but overall, they were good! they were light & fluffy & didn't taste like a box mix. but they were a little plain. i think next time i'll add some pumpkin, spices & nuts. suzanne suggested blueberries & oatmeal. that sounds good too!!!

overall, i'm pleased & impressed with myself!!!

the 2nd miracle is that last night i put up the christmas tree & other decorations & this afternoon put up the outside lights & decorated the porch (in shorts & a tanktop!!!!!). last year i wasn't in the mood & had to force myself to do it in mid december & this year it's thanksgiving weekend & i'm done!!!!

worked on christmas gifts out in the garage this weekend, took a walk to see christmas lights (not many up yet -- i'm gonna walk every night to check out the lights - love it!!) & now i'm going to bed. i have a vacation day tomorrow & i intend to get lots done & be very busy!!!

this is what my garage looks like right now!!!!

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Laurie said...

AH-ha! Vacation day hmmm? That's why you didn't want me to come over today, haha. Always love to see your seasonal/holiday decorations! Gotta make a surprise visit or something, so I can see it. Pancakes look yummy... I need that recipe and I will substitute some gluten free flour mix and see how they turn out.