Saturday, November 17, 2012


unless i get a pickup truck, i'm never gonna trade in my pallet-haulin' SUV!!!

this baby was BUSY today!!!

monday i got 2 pallets when i got mulch at lowe's. the guy brought my mulch up from the back on a forklift rather than a flat cart. i jokingly seriously said, "do i get the pallet too?" he said, "do ya want it?" i said, "heck yeah!" he said, "whatcha gonna do with it?" i said, "build stuff" he said, "i've got another one in the back, ya want it?" i said, "heck yeah!!!"

that meant i had 9 pallets in my garage!!!

this afternoon my pallet scout friend joyce called & said, "i just passed a place that had a bunch of pallets laying out by their dumpster." i said, "meet me there in 5 minutes!"

when i got to the place (a furniture consignment shop), i went in & asked if i could have them (i always ask, i never just TAKE) - the lady said, "they're not ours. people dump stuff off in our dumpster all the time. you can have them!"

yay!!!! 6 pallets in REALLY good shape with really nice boards!!!! joyce said, "i've never seen you so happy! you're BEAMING!!!!"

so i bring the pallets home & unload them in the garage. then i go run a couple errands for some things for church & then i'm going to go to grandma/pa's to shampoo their carpet. i pass another furniture store & there's a HUGE pile of pallets way in the back in a field next to their warehouse. i pull back there & ask the guy if i can have some of them. he says to go inside & ask the store owner. i do so & he tells me i can have all i want!!!!! i drive back to the back & he tells the guys back there to load my car for me! i had 10 guys loading pallets into my car!!!! the only thing is --- most of them were too BIG!!!!! they were huge furniture size pallets! i NEED a man with a truck - but all the ones i know are busy!!!!! there happened to be 4 "regular" sized pallets so i just got those!

then as i'm leaving there a friend calls me & says, "we had a new roof put on today & we have a couple pallets. do you want them?" i said, "HECK YEAH!!!!!!!"

so after i finished cleaning carpets, i came home, unloaded the "pallet truck" & headed over to my friend's house. they had 4 pallets!!!!!

i got 14 pallets just today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 23 pallets in my garage!!!!!!!! they take up 1/2 the garage!!!!!!

i've already disassembled 2 of them! (that was a few weeks ago......still waiting for "a man with lots of tools" to find the time to come over with one of his many saws.......)

i had to move the trash can & mower! i have just enough room to open the door a little & get out of the car!!!!

when i pull in to the garage, there's just "that" much space between the car & the trash can!!!!

whew! thank you God, for answering that prayer for pallet wood!!!! "ask & you shall receive"!!! (now, i don't want to be pushy, but could ya answer those other prayers i've been praying about.....that one in particular???????)

dear "amwacs" -- gitcher tools & git on over here quick!!! we've got work to do!!!! there's only 38 days til christmas!!!

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Laurie said...

The life of the traveling pallets.... you have a new name.... Pallet Woman.