Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i may be in the mood, but i'm certainly not ready!!

can we just turn the clock/calendar back to september????

usually i take a few days in september & go off with a friend or friends & spend time working on my christmas cards. i usually have them (all 150 or so) done by the end of september.

not this year!

a couple weeks ago i finally decided on a design. a week ago i cut all the paper.

last night i made a card & for a brief moment thought, "i want to do THIS card instead. it's more "me".

tonight a friend "accidentally" saw the "new" card & convinced me i should do IT instead. she said the 1st design was nice, but the 2nd one was definitely more "ME".

so tonight i cut new paper!

i'll still be able to use the white as the base of the cards (i didn't have enough of the kraft colored paper to do the whole card for 150+ cards anyways).

yes, 150+ cards! when you consider everyone at church, friends, relatives, people at work, neighbors......... i give one to everyone at church because, well, you just HAVE to---when someone gets one & someone else doesn't, they know about it & they say something about it they're not happy & i even give to all the "new people i don't know" because it's a good way to get to know them & them to know me & it makes them feel welcome. i've tried over the years to cut down my list, but which friend or relative do you cut out without hurting their feelings? and besides, for some of them, it's the only contact i have with them the whole year. and i give to friends i see all the time, because, well, it's just a nice thing to do---lets them know you care for & love them. i hate it when people say, "i'm not giving so & so a card because i see them all the time." well, do you tell them all the time that you love them????? probably not!

seriously though, i did consider taking a picture of the one card i made last night & putting it on my blog & saying "merry christmas, y'all"!!!!!!!! but as of right now, i'm not going to do that!!!!!!! (we'll see how the next couple weeks go though!!!!!!!!!!!)

however, i might forgo the "christmas letter" -- i'll just put a note in saying, "if you want to know what i've been up to this past year, go read my blog or give me a call!!"

if you need me in the next few weeks, i'll be stamping 600+ pine trees & 150+ of something else that i'm not gonna tell ya what it is!!!!!!!! it's a pretty simple design, but it's gonna be some work accomplishing it --- why do even my simplest designs end up being so complex?!?!?!?!?!? ..........but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see y'all in january later!

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