Thursday, November 8, 2012

view of a couple laundry rooms

i've had a few busy busy weeks at work -- that's GOOD because the days go by quickly when i'm busy. i hate having nothing to do at work -- makes me wish i could be home doing projects! this week i've been so busy that i've been exhausted when i get home. i've gone to bed at 8:30 3 of the 4 nights so far this week & on sunday too!!!!

ME? the one who can't sleep & stays up practically all night??? yes!!! and i've slept almost all night too!! i've woken up a few times to check the time but have been able to go right back to sleep.

but when the alarm goes off at 6:30 i'm still not ready to get up!!!! i am definitely a night owl & NOT a morning person!!!!

ever since i posted about cleaning the dryer lint, i've meant to post pictures of my laundry room. i like my laundry room -- everyone should have a pretty laundry room! i don't spend as much time in it anymore now that everyone's gone but me, but it's still nice to have something pretty to look at when you're messin' with dirty clothes.

so, here's my laundry room -- it's tiny, just 6.5'x 6.5'. i wish it was big enough to have the ironing board in there & a sink would be nice too.....but it works & that's all that matters! LOTS of pictures for such a little space!!!!

this is the wall that the door to the hallway is on. i like sunflowers & cows! the "country kitchen" sign was given to me by a friend a long long time ago. i didn't have anyplace for it in the kitchen so i hung it here to hold a tote bag that houses all the plastic grocery bags that i use for trash bags! been meanin' to paint it to say "country laundry" but have never got around 'tuit'!

moving counter-clockwise around the room, here's the garage door

i love this poem - when the kids were little, i'd read it EVERY time i went in the laundry room. "it's not always easy, but it's always right."

this craft show sign is over 20 years old! see the barbed wire handle? i've always loved barbed wire!!!

i made this watermelon angel when i had my craft business

the little galvanized tub came from my sister in law. it holds homemade laundry soap & stain remover. the "dresser scarf" on the dryer used to belong to my mom -- it used to be on a table with houseplants in our living room.

view from the hallway.

mammy doll that i've had for over 20 years.

texas towel rack & cross-stitched bluebonnet towel that i made a 100 years ago before i had kids & had time to cross-stitch!

close up of mammy doll - i love her feedsack apron!! i've had her forever too!

love these old faucets!!!

the little girls in this picture look EXACTLY like suzanne & an old friend's daughter when they were little!!!! EXACTLY!!! eerily exactly!!!! this picture used to hang in suzanne's bedroom. "she's" the one on the left.

seasonal door decorations hang behind the door when not in use

today at lunch i was reading one of the blogs i regularly read, "all things home" by amy kinser. she posted her laundry room -- i love it!!! loved it so much that i asked her if i could feature it on my blog! she emailed me back & said i was welcome to!! i love her rustic country style. i could move into her house & be very happy. (wonder how long i could be there before she noticed!?!?!?!!)

afterall, she has an antique "dorothy" towel just hangin' there waitin' for me!!

oh, i wish my room was big enough for an old hutch!!!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! she's got an old door laying across her washer & dryer for cute "counter space"! can't do this with a top-loader!! love the galvanized bucket too! (i collect galvanized buckets!)

she has an old textile factory bin/basket for her hamper! how COOL!!!!

amy, thanks for letting me feature your laundry room -- and if you don't have any extra bedrooms or a guest room, i'll be just fine living in your laundry room! i'll bring my own pillow!!!!

(click on "laundry room" here or above to go & see more of amy's laundry room & blog.)

i'll think i'll go to bed now! i've managed to stay up til almost 10:00!!!


Amy Kinser said...

You are so kind, Dorothy. Thank you for sharing our laundry room. I do have a guest room so you can just sleep in there.

nbprov32 said...

okay- catching up at 2 AM... and read the next blog first... then this one. Do you think it is ironic how you featured your laundry room right before that other post?? Sorry.... is funny. I didn't know you made your own landry soap... did i miss that blog?

Laurie said...

I always like walking through your laundry room.