Friday, September 30, 2011

where did this week go???

one step forward........

                                                                         .........two steps backward.

              and i'm

                              with                   the

at least we got a FANTASTIC RAIN on thursday evening!!!!  made driving home from work a little treacherous though!  it was raining so hard & quick that the roads were flooding.

but it was beautiful!   you could hear the trees sighing!!!



i'm going to

i wrote some more verses on the doorposts!!!  i'll show you the other one tomorrow!

i also re-arranged the fireplace mantel to make it look more "fallish" --i'm not a big fall decorator --in fact, the only holiday i really decorate for is christmas.  usually things stay the same all the rest of the year, but i'm beginning to get in to changing things up every once in awhile.  i've found you get so used to seeing something that eventually you don't see it anymore.

i've got to get to bed - it's way later than i wanted to go to bed & i've got a BUSY day tomorrow!  more on that another time too!!


and be a blessing to someone!!!!

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Sarah McAteer said...

You're already decorating for fall and I'm not. Something's wrong here. lol You'll have to post it so that we can see it. I love you and miss you. I seriously tried to call today, dialed your number, lifted it to my ear and heard a busy signal. We had that busy signal almost all day. I would've called on my cell but it was charging because I didn't realize that it was dead (same old, same old). I will try to give you a call again tomorrow. Love ya bunches! ~ Sarah