Sunday, September 25, 2011


i just returned from 3 days in wimberly with my bestest-oldestfriendinthewholeworld!!!  we had a fantastic relaxing weekend.  we went sight-seeing, window-shopping at antique stores & saw some good antiques & some not so antique stuff; we sat out in the backyard by the creek & talked & talked & talked.  we worked on our christmas cards & watched a couple movies.

we didn't want to come home!  (but we did!)

friday evening i got to play with these.........

i fed them carrots & bread & was less than 10 feet away from them!!!!!  there were 6 of them.  that's the closest i've ever been to a live deer in the wild!!!  it was fun!!

we drove through magnolia & bastrop - the damage from the fires was something that is now forever engrained on my mind.  you can't even begin to describe it!  as dry as it is & with as much dead, dry foliage & brush, it's a miracle that things weren't worse.  some places looked like a war scene.  burned homes, cars.  and what was amazing is how the homes were burned so completely.  there's NOTHING left - NOTHING!!!  just piles of ash on foundations.  there were places on I-21 in bastrop where the steel guardrail was so hot that it turned & twisted & melted & was completely down on the ground.  but what was really creepy was how there would be a section of forest that was completely burned with nothing left & then there'd be a house or some trees that weren't touched at all & all around it was burned. 

makes you just cry for those people.  and makes you realize how blessed you are.  and that stuff is just stuff & it can all be gone in a minute.

well, here are some more pictures from the was beautiful, hot, but not unbearable.  it was sad to see all the rivers, creeks, ponds super super low, or dried up altogether.  we need rain so badly!  pray!!!

view from the front yard (where the deer were):

views from the backyard, cypress creek:

we went to several vineyards - just for the views!!!!

well, once again, vacation's over!!! 

have a blessed week!!!

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