Sunday, September 11, 2011

jack's mad at me

he won't even look at me!!

but i cleaned his house, so he shouldn't be too mad!!!

i've been cleaning my house too.  and organizing.  the other night i cleaned up the mess craft room.  i worked on it all night & said i wasn't going to stop until it was ALL done.  i had worked on it for awhile before it hit me that i should take "before" pictures.  how it got like that i have no clue because i haven't done anything in there for quite some time!!!  must have been the hurricane   someone else!!!!!

so here's the "before":

 i got a bunch of dishpans - yes, dishpans - from walmart for $1.97 each to use as organizers!  i had already done a few before i took this picture.  you can see them on the shelf to the right.  i'll have to take some pictures of the "insides" - that'll be a future post!

 if people   i would put things away after they  i use them, this place wouldn't get so messy!!!

 all done!!!   see the time on that clock?  that's AM.  (i told you i worked on it all night!!!)

but it was SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

 all my paper scraps are in these containers.  i try to use scraps before i cut into a new sheet of paper.

 my extra die cuts & chipboard letters are in these "dishpans".  my stash of cards are in these boxes.  there's a box for different types of cards - thank you, men, ladies, kids, sympathy......and several boxes of envelopes.  most of the card boxes need re-filling, so i'll have to work on that.  i think that's what i'll do on tuesday at our ladies'craft night time.....

 here's the inside of this:   so nice & organized!
 i'm thinkin' this might be black someday too!!!

and this:

so nice to have a clean craft room!!!!  last night i worked on my swap cards for next saturday's workshop.  and i cleaned up the table afterwards!!!!  yay for me!!!!!!

have a blessed week!!!!  5 days til i go to the virgin islands again!!!! ( i was there yesterday & today though & boy was it HOT!!!!  we were back in triple digit temps!!! but at least the sky was  blue again & there was no smoke smell today!!)

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Bernadette said...

I love it...the clean room just makes you want to make some cards or finish a scrapbook project!!...I really should get mine little "hole in the wall" cleaned!!