Saturday, October 1, 2011

fall decorating

several people have requested that i "hurry" & post the pics of my "fall decorating"----

----it's not much, but here you go!!!!

removed the white shelf; moved the 3 stars on the left from another wall in the living room. 

the books are old old old & were up in my parents' attic -- so glad they got out before the fire! 

another of my favorite verses:   1 thessalonians 4:11   "make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, mind your own business & work with your hands."    i pray everyday that i'll accomplish this!!!!   most days i do!!!!!!!!!

 moved the "chair" picture, which made me move the "porch" picture!!!   above the bed was looking kinda naked, so this is good!!

i have a couple more bible verses i want to write on the is long & i'm afraid that i'll mess it up!!!   it's a lot harder to write on the wall than you'd think!!!!!!!

going to get to bed now - i did manual labor for 12 hours today - i hope i can move in the morning!!!!!!    more about that later!!!!!!

be blessed!!!!!!............lead a quiet life..............mind your own with your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     amen!!!!!

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