Monday, September 19, 2011

miscellaneous monday stuff

this could be a weekly topic - miscellaneous monday stuff - MMS!!

  • when kevin & sarah moved i gave them "things from my house" as a going away gift.  one of the things was my decorated match box.  i couldn't stand not having a cute match box - everyone needs a cute match box!! - so i made a new one!  i liked my red one, but i really like this black & white one a lot. 

  • felt naked all day!

cuz i forgot to wear my "hope" & "Jesus" rings!!!!

  • yeah, the long fingernails are long gone!!!!  they only lasted while i was doing absolutely nothing!  after i got better & started working & doing things again, they all broke & keep breaking.   (my sister's are still long though!  proves my point though!  "she who does nothing has long fingernails!!!")

  • my sister's sister is the best sister in the whole world!    (thought i'd better throw that in there after that comment about the fingernails!!  hope she doesn't "get it"!!!!!!!!!!!)

[this MAY NOT be a weekly topic........................!!!!]

  • made some birthday cards to have on hand for my sunday school class kids.  birthdays are VERY important to them!!!  these are for the boys:

and for the girls:

this was my "swap" card for our workshop on saturday:

this was one of the projects we made at the workshop - a gift card holder:

just another idea for the stocking die cut - made into a card:

playing with the camera  --- it was a good hair day!!!!  (wish i didn't have the glare on the glasses)

i have a doctor's appointment in the morning.  think i'll go read awhile & go to bed.  not in the mood to do anything else.

have a really blessed week!!


Anonymous said...

so... is a matchbox a box you keep matches in? Looks like a decoration--pretty much like everything you make--P-R-E-T-T-Y! Hope the Dr is happy with you!
Ann O. Nymous

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, my friend.
Miss you. Rick says he will be back Wednesday. I really hope so because I got a good scared tonight when I walked the dogs and a dog came and started a fight with Prince. Man, I am still shaky. Have a good Doctor's appointment. I should go to see mine.
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha sister's sister wouldn't that be you??? or are you talking about your other sister? hmmm?