Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my dates with jack!

we've been together for a week now.  his name is jack.

we've had a few dates.  last time was monday morning.  i've been busy this week with vbs preparations, so i haven't been able to do anything with him in the evenings.  i NEED to spend more time with him.  i WANT to spend more time with him.

i WILL have to make more time for him.  it will do me good!

he makes me feel good -- except for the wobbly legs after i've been with him awhile.  but hopefully that won't last long!   but i am in love!

here's a picture of him:

i thought he was a girl, but he's definitely a guy.  his name is panama jack.  he wears hawaiian shirts with hibiscus flowers on them!!!!   yellow ones.

i'll be spending a lot of time with him!!!

i hope i've blessed you with a little smile on your face & in your heart!!!!  go be a blessing to someone else!!!

p.s.  if you want someplace to go on wednesday nights, where you will be blessed, come to prayer meeting at copperfield bible church @ 7pm.  what a blessing!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooooo a fella from Panama.... you are such the world traveller these days!! Nice that he has a feminine side--sorry Jack... Hope you two have a long happy healthy life together!