Friday, July 22, 2011

i miss jack

i've been busy working on vbs scenery up at church every night this week so i haven't been able to spend any time with jack.  there are 4 different scenes, the arctic, the pacific ocean, the egyptian desert, the brazillian jungle......the scenes are sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  this is going to be a great vbs!!!!  i'll post pictures soon.

but i miss my time with jack!

i promise you, my dear, that after vbs is done i will be all yours.  we'll go lots of places & spend lots of time together.

i promise. 

trust me.

i love you.

how many times have i heard THOSE words?!


i mean them.

patiently waiting............

hey!  it's almost the weekend!!!!!  virgin islands, here i come!!!!

be blessed!!!


Bernadette said...

You have the cutest bike! I love it! That is fun!

Anonymous said...

I finally get to meet Jack!! Hi Jack, what a pleasure! I hope to introduce u to Rossie soon so that you guys can go for a ride with us often. hahahahahaha Betty.