Sunday, July 24, 2011

i'm a biker chick!!!

ha!  i'll bet THAT caught your attention!!!!!

jack & i have gotten up early the past 2 mornings & have gone for a nice long ride each day!!  yes, i went bike riding this morning before church!!!!!  now i just need to get my lazy butt up out of bed on the weekdays & do the same before work!!!!!  

i haven't ridden for 2 weeks & i can feel the lack of use in my muscles!  gotta get in better shape!   one of my friends - my crazy mexican friend - told me i have "rock hard firm muscular legs like a body builder"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmmmpf!  that was kind of nice!!!  (she also said something else, that was meant as a compliment but didn't come out the way she meant it, but we won't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

didn't go to the virgin islands this weekend - went to the bahamas instead!!!!  spent the weekend in another friend's pool - i've named her back yard the bahamas!!!!  i'll have to make her a sign!!

we had a really good sermon today in church - all about loving the brethren.  already tonight something happened & i'm having to LIVE this sermon!  God is always testing me to see if i'm gonna be faithful to Him...........

sorry for another post with no pictures.  i'll have to get busy.............

sorry!  i just HAD to post a picture!!!!!

....counting the days til the weekend!!!!!   virgin islands or bahamas?  we shall see!!!

"....make me a blessing to someone today...."

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