Saturday, July 9, 2011

ain't he cute!!!

he's a little shy & apparently doesn't like having his picture taken (that's why it's a little blurry!!!  it's not because i'm a bad photographer!!! ha ha ha!!!   i'll have to work on getting a better picture of him.)     but anyways, here's jack:  ...............

we went on a long ride this morning!  longer than we've ever done......& i worked up a big sweat, my butt was feeling the seat, for some strange reason i lost the feeling in all my fingers, but my legs weren't as wobbly at the end like they have been!!

i think we're getting used to spending time with each other!  i've got some housework to do & a baby shower to go to this morning.  i think jack & i will have another date this afternoon or evening!!  i really like him!!!!

last saturday i got some new plants for the virgin islands.  doesn't the little red wagon look cute??!!!!  i've decided it's going to stay in the virgin islands.  now if i can just remember to water........................!!

got some other plants too....have to finish planting this weekend.

rosemary & lavendar----they smell so good!!!!!

be a blessing & have a great weekend!!!!   (you know where you'll find me..............!!)

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