Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wanna see my tan line????








you were expecting something else??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i went to the dr. today.  he's very happy with my #'s!!  i have more bloodwork scheduled for a month from now & then i see him a week after that.  until then, i need to keep checking my levels, keep taking the 4 shots of insulin a day, & keep eating well.  hopefully my body will start making it's own insulin again - the bloodwork will tell............. pray!

ok, i mentioned that i've got some big announcements to make........so here are a few:

1.  we will have stamp camp on sunday, may 15 at 2pm.  if you are one of my regular people, please BE HERE because i will have some special things for you & a very important announcement & i want all of you to hear it firsthand from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (some of you have orders that need to be picked up!!)  if any of you wants to swap,  bring 10 cards.  that should be enough.

2.  i have been having lots of problems with my u-verse tv & internet service so i have decided after lots of friendly "fighting" with att to cancel my service with them!!  i'll be changing internet providers & according to my conversation with the guy at the new service it will be very easy for me to let you know my new email address once i get the modem connected (all they have to do is ship it to me & then all i have to do is plug it in to my laptop).  it better be!!!!  (i just hope it's not a hassle changing my email address with all my "bills", bank, etc...............but anything has to be less of a hassle than dealing with u-verse!!!!!)

3.  suzanne's gonna have a fit, but i've decided NOT to get any tv service!!!!!!!!!!!!!   i've been praying about this for a long time - even before i got sick, & i think i can do a lot more constructive things if i don't have the temptation of tv lurking over me!   i can do more reading, more Bible study, more praying, more piano playing, more gardening, more sewing, maybe even more stamping & scrapbooking! (more tanning!!!!!!)  & more other stuff!!!  i'm just at a different stage in my life!!

i've got more announcements, but you'll just have to wait....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be blessed!!!

(p.s.  the middle finger nail broke today - the thumb didn't bother me, but this one does!!!  it was soooooooooooo long & now it's soooooooooooooooooo short!!!!!  the thumb doesn't look funny, but this one does!!!   oh well!!!!       2 down, 8 to go!!!!!  hopefully not!)


Cindy Sakovich said...

I am glad your visit went well. That is a huge blessing. I pretty much could care less about TV, too. The boys would have a fit, though. Enjoy the liberation of living a TV free life! Have a good week.

Bernadette said...

I've missed so many post!!!!!!! I'm so glad your feeling better and getting back on track! I have a feeling i know what the surprise is, and I REALLY hope that i am right :)

We'll see!

I'm swapping, i still have my swaps from last time! Hope to see everyone at stamp camp!