Saturday, May 7, 2011

....for the 1st time since early february........

i stamped this morning for about 2 hrs.!!!!!!!!   got 3 cards ready for stamp camp.  then i went outside & did some things in the yard.  then it got too hot out, so i came in for a while & stamped some more!!!!!   did a bunch of birthday cards, made grandma's mother's day card & then went back outside to tan!!!!!  i sat in the backyard this evening until it got dark, just sitting in the moonlight talking to God.  we had the best time together!!!!  i even thanked Him for letting me get sick, because He really taught me a lot of things during that time.  i'm happy.   then i stamped some more!!!!  made a special birthday card & i'm really pleased with how it turned out!!!  i was in a "paint chip & embossing mood" today!!! 

grandma's mother's day card - she loves butterflies:

 made it look like the newsprint paper was "burned"!
 the inside is newsprint patterned paper too instead of plain white - i just wrote directly on it with a sharpie marker!!!   i embossed a couple stars on a paint chip & cut them out to go on the inside.   i LOVE the way this card turned out!!!  i want to keep it!!!   does that ever happen to you?  you make something for someone & it's so cool that you want to keep it for yourself?!!

be blessed!!!

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