Sunday, May 15, 2011

here's what we did at stamp camp today! (& a little extra somethin' else!)

the cards & craft projects have been few & far between on this blog - sorry!   hopefully that will change once i get my "creative gene" working again!!!

today's cards were a big hit - so easy, but a real WOW!! everyone loved them!! the theme was black & white & we did 2 guy cards & 2 girl cards.

finished the book i was reading!!  i'll have to go out tomorrow at lunch & get the 3rd & final book in the trilogy!  i've figured it out, but still i'm dying to immerse myself in the story & get to the end!!!!  i love it when a book is so good that you feel like you know all the characters like friends & you feel like you're right there in the story with them!!!  i feel like i want to sit down with 2 of the characters & just have a long wonderful talk with them!!!!!

.....kinda like the Bible......i wish i could sit down with peter & james & paul (& most of all Jesus!!!!) & just talk!!  i have a specialness towards the woman at the well - oh how i would love to talk to her!!  Jesus forgave her completely - just as He's forgiven me - & she was able to accept His forgiveness & go on to tell many others what He'd done for her.  why is it so hard for ME to do that????  at times i want to hang on to my sin, not completely accepting His forgiveness.

i had a beautiful evening sitting in the backyard with God again!!!  He painted the most beautiful sunset!!!  the past 2 days were absolutely cloudless & then tonight He put some clouds in the sky & then mixed them all up for the sunset!  it was grey!  i love grey clouds!!!  & grey sunsets are so pretty!!!!   the pinks & blues & purples are nice, but the grey ones are my favorite!!!!  i should have come in to get the camera, but i just sat there because i couldn't bear to leave it!!!!!!  the next time He does a grey sunset, i'll be sure to take pictures for you!!!!  (did you ever play the "cloud game" when you were little?  it's where you make shapes & objects out of the clouds---like, there's a boat, or a dog, or a lady with a funny hat.........i still love to play that game!!!!!  tonight i saw a pretty grey dove!!!  reminded me that the Holy Spirit is right here with me, guiding me.  thanks, God!!!!)

i am sooooooo blessed!!! 

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