Monday, May 30, 2011

the "virgin islands"

ok all you gullible people!!!!  i've been spending so much time in my back yard that i decided to name it "the virgin islands" - because that's as close as i'll EVER get to the virgin islands!!!!!!   my brother in law named his detached garage "mexico" & always tells my sister that he's going to (like the kenny chesney song) "go have another beer in mexico" & she tells him to be back for dinner!!!  so i figured "the virgin islands" would be a good name for my backyard tanning paradise!!!  i made a sign & hung it on the fence next to the thermometer.  i'll have to put some other decorations up with it!!!!

this is the temp at noon!!!

this was the temp at 8:30 am AND 8:30 pm!!!!

i spent the whole weekend in "the virgin islands" - either sitting & reading & working in the flower beds (i pulled all the weeds, added a bunch of dirt & pruned the oleander bushes), talking on the phone with a friend, or swinging with jonathan & faith!   i did spend a little time in "mexico" with my friend betty sunday afternoon because she wouldn't come to "the virgin islands" with me!!!!!!!

the poor grass --- even though i water, it's so hot & we've had no rain.......   :o(

this is where the bluebonnets were this spring - the next "crop" of flowers to come up here are black eyed susans.  usually this flower bed is FULL of them, but this year only a few came up here - on the other side of the back door there's another flowerbed that usually NOTHING grows in - this year there were lots of bluebonnets & black eyed susans in it!!!!   i think the reason they didn't come up on the other side is because there wasn't very much dirt left.  well, that's all solved so i'll plant some seeds for next year.  it's too hot to plant any new plants & we NEVER get any rain, so the color will have to come from the pinwheels!!!  plus they look sort of tropical colored.    i need to get a kiddy pool & put some sand around it, but the water would just get too hot & the stray neighborhood cats would use the sand for a litter box, so i'll just pass on that idea!!!!

they're so much fun to watch!!!!

it was a great holiday weekend

but now i'm back in texas & have to go to work tomorrow!!!!  at least it's a short work week & i can go back to "the virgin islands" next saturday!!!!!!!!

and now - here are some "tan line pictures"-----

there are feet pictures at the end, so please sign off now!!!!!

this one was taken outside in the evening without the flash - came out kinda dark!!

 poor, dry grass!   it's hard to take pictures of feet - they never look shaped right!!!!!

some one asked - i use hawaiian tropic spf20 suntan lotion - & lots of it so i don't burn!!!!

be blessed!!!!  i am!!!!


Anonymous said...

Shame, shame, shame!! That's all I can say!
Betty (Mexico), hahahahahaha.

Nicole said...

Glad to see you have a secret hideaway that works! You need some sand, Palm tree or Coconut Tree and a little grass hut and your illusion will be complete.