Thursday, May 5, 2011

hello new internet provider - good bye u-verse & tv!

(no pictures in this post!!  no new tan lines to show you!!!)

friday's the day!!!  got the new internet set up today so tomorrow the u-verse goes bye-bye!!  i haven't had the tv on all night or last night or the night before & i've missed 3 of my favorite shows so i think i'll live once it's disconnected!!  (i guess you could say i was in training!!!!)

the guy the other night told me i could import my address book from the old internet to the new, but the guy tonight said that wasn't possible & i sure tried & he was right, it's not possible.  i sent an email to people in my address book so they would send an email to my new email so i can capture emails by replying to yours.  sorry that you have to do a little work, but i wasn't going to type a thousand emails!!!!!!  i need to change my email with all the companies i do business with too - like the bank,!    the new email is:   (did i use the word email enough times in that paragraph???!!!)

i need to get ready for bed & i need to have a long conversation with God because i'm in a crappy mood.  i haven't been in a crappy mood for a long longggggggggggggggg time - even when i was sick i wasn't in a crappy mood.  it's really bothering me & i don't like it!!!!  i don't want to be in a crappy mood!!!!  i want to be happy!!!  (did i use the word crappy enough times in that paragraph???!!!)

well, crappy mood or not, i am blessed!!!  hope you are too!!  good night!!

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