Sunday, May 15, 2011

bittersweet end

well, some of you may have figured out my surprise announcement that i hinted about awhile back.  (some of the ideas were totally off base!!!!!  one of the ideas would have been nice, but it's just not the time for it!!!!)    

if you're really astute, you may have noticed that i re-did my blog.......i've updated the legal blah blah blah & my profile info......i've been praying about this for a long long time - even before i got sick - & i've decided to end my stampin' up! demoship.  i had my last stamp camp today.  it was bittersweet & sad, & i'll miss "my girls", but we can still be friends, get together & do stuff or stamp & scrapbook together.   i'm just at a different stage in my life.  i want to simplify things, concentrate on the things God wants me to concentrate on & enjoy life.  i was getting to the point where i was doing things because i was "obligated to" not because i enjoyed it.  & these were things i used to enjoy!!!!!

my 2 "downline" girls, judy & sarah will be taking over my customers/sales.  if you want to order anything, let me know & i'll get you in touch with one of them (judy's in dallas & sarah's here in houston).  houston people are welcome to attend sarah's monthly stamp camps - let me know if you're interested & i can tell you all the details.  (her camps are free & she has a $30/mo club)

ok, i'm going back out to my backyard to work on my tan & finish the book i started yesterday!!  (i've read 3 books just this past week!!!!!!!!!!!!)   i'll post pictures of the cards we made today later - have to photograph & upload them.............will do that when the sun goes down!!!!

be blessed - i am!!!!!!

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