Saturday, October 4, 2014

"the song"

all images in this post are from "the song" facebook page:

you've probably noticed that just about EVERY post i've done on facebook since last saturday has been about the movie "the song". i've been sharing the movie production company's posts because i feel this is a very important movie that EVERYONE should see. and something really special happened to me involving this movie, but i couldn't say anything until after i went to it thursday night....................................

well, i was going to write last night about my involvement & experience with this movie. at about 8:00pm i sat down on the couch with my laptop in my lap and wrote the title & the paragraph above.

2 hours later i woke up, my hands on the keyboard, drool running down my chin!!!! (just kidding about the drool, but it sounds good, doesn't it?!!!!!)

i had a hard time sleeping wednesday night--it was like christmas eve!!!!! i was so excited, waiting for thursday night. then thursday night was a very late night & my emotions were running rampant, so it was hard to get to sleep. pair that with getting up at 4 am and some very busy days at work, & i was exhausted.

so today was a sunny beautiful warm day & i spent the entire day outside working in the yard - mowing, pulling weeds in the flowerbeds. i also mulched & put down "weed & feed". have 2 more flowerbeds to weed & mulch. & i really should weed-eat. another day.........

i promised to tell y'all about "the song".

so here's how it all happened:

one of my high school friends shared a post from "the song" on her facebook page. i saw it thursday, sept. 25. the movie was to open in theaters the next day. after seeing the trailer, all i could think about was wanting to see this movie. it was advertised as a christian movie & in the past, "christian movies" have been pretty "hokey"!! they usually have bad acting, poor cinematography, corny actors......this one looked different. professional. GOOD. i REALLY wanted to see it. i looked up what theaters it was playing at -- a bunch in houston at about 12 theaters. it said "limited engagement" & wasn't playing in every place in the US. on "the song"'s facebook page people from all over were posting that it wasn't playing in their area, that they wished it would come to their town....etc. "the song" was replying to everyone's posts saying, "hope it comes to your area soon" or "keep watching listings in your area for it to come to a theater near you", etc.

i texted "the CPA" & said, "i know you're in the middle of tax season, but i really want to see this movie. can we go?" and i sent him the link to the trailer. he replied back "i don't mind going, but we can't go until after october 15...."

so i posted on "the song"'s facebook page: "can't wait to see this movie, but we can't go until after the october 15 tax deadline. dang tax season!!!! sure hope it's playing in houston after the 15th. but for sure this is a purchase once it comes out on dvd".

WELL, "the song" LIKED my post and they replied: "dorothy, we want to bless you with this movie. message us & we'll get you hooked up with some tickets!"

OMG!!!!!! i saw this post while i was cooking last saturday afternoon!!! i would have missed it until much later had i not turned on facebook so i could access my pinterest account for some recipes!!!!! so starting saturday & continuing all week, i have been private messaging "the song"'s producers, tryingn to get our schedules all worked out to see this movie before it closed in houston. they said it was a "limited engagement" and might not be playing after the 3rd. it would depend on how well the movie did as to how long they'd keep it here, in what theaters, etc. they said it was rather "iffy" that it'd be playing as late as october 18 & was there another date that would work..

i did a lot of praying! and then i took a big chance.

i told the CPA that i was working on a surprise for him. he's been working a lot of long hours & needed a break. i decided i wanted my friend s & her husband to go too. he's a CPA too. so i told "the song" we'd need 4 tickets for oct. 18. they said we'd be better off doing oct. 3 to be sure it'd still be playing. susan & i decided that it'd be better to find a theater closer to the guys' work, that way they could work later & still get to the movie on time. the theater closest to them only had the movie playing til thursday. she checked with her husband & he said he could do it on the 2nd.

i told the CPA that he could work as late as he wanted any day from that day (sunday) up to the 15th, but he had to give me thursday the 2nd. no client meetings, no co-worker meetings, nothing. the 2nd was MINE! he said OK!!!! yay!!! i still didn't tell him til the next day when i had it all confirmed with the movie producers. i couldn't believe he agreed to it - right in the middle of a tax deadline!!!! but after all, he IS the smartest man in the whole world (because he's the only one who's figured out that he needs to do whatever i say!!!! ---- see the post from july 2012 about the birthday card i made him here's the link to that post:

so all week the producers & i were texting back & forth, getting everything finalized. i felt so blessed because i hadn't read any other posts where they had given someone tickets. blessed because i was going to be able to bless some friends with free tickets -- and at a time when they really needed to spend some time together. i really wanted to see this movie succeed in the theaters. i wanted them to be blessed with success because they had blessed me. so i decided i'd "advertise" it -- share posts & let people, my friends on facebook, know about this movie & hope to convince some of them to go & see it.

so that's the reason i've blasted my fb page with posts about this movie!!!! i'm praying that they do well -- in fact, i think they are because they added another week of showings!!!! it's not in all the theaters, or as many as it was opening week, and there are less times that it's playing, but it's still playing!!

and now it's after 10:30 at night & i still need to take a shower & put clean-white-dried-on-the-clothesline white sheets on my i'll finish this post tomorrow....tomorrow's churchday & i'm "driving miss amy"
so i've gotta hurry & get to bed so i can be ontime to get her!!!

stay tuned for the review of the movie!!!!!!!

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