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the song, part 3 -- the review. finally!

it's been really hard to blog lately. i think all bloggers are going through "something" right now. i haven't had time to blog and i definitely haven't had time to read the blogs of others. and the ones i have read have been in the same position. some, like me, used to write daily, & now we're lucky to get a couple posts in a month. some have disappeared completely. their blogs are still there, but they haven't been updated in months. and then there are those who seem to have the time & energy to move a vase, hang a picture in 17 different places, swap out the pillows on the sofa for every season & blog about it daily! good for them!!!! if they weren't doing that, whatever would we do with our free time?!?!?!!!!

all of that to say: i apologize for the delay in the posting of my review on "the song". i've been super busy at work, working late, & then when i come home i'm too tired to even think of something to say. plus i've been stressing over writing the review! i've never written a review before. i don't know what to say, how detailed i should instead of writing, i've been stressing!

but now i've decided to just write. after all, i'm a blogger, therefore, i'm a writer. so i will write! i'll just pray that what i write will be inspired by & be pleasing to the Lord.

all images in this post - except for one - are from "the song" facebook page:

this movie has been touted as "a great date night movie" -- well, it's such an emotional, introspective, deep, personal movie that i'd be careful who you go to see it with! it's a great movie for married couples or engaged couples to see together. if you're single, it's a good movie to go see with a bunch of your girlfriends (or guyfriends if you're a guy). but if you're a girl & you go with a guy who's just a friend, even if you've been friends for over 7 years, it's
a leeetle!

the subject matter is a little intense & there were quite a few times i wanted to squirm in my seat! and every time he moved, i thought he was squirming & then i'd think, "oh why did i do this? why didn't i just come by myself? he's probably thinking i had ulterior motives..." i know i should have relaxed, but.....

.....uncomfortable movie moments.....

like it says in ecclesiastes, there's a time -- & a reason -- for everything....... & proverbs: a man's (or woman's) steps are directed by God.....

the movie was very tastefully done. this wasn't the typical "hokey christian film" of the 70's with actors who can't act, poor cinematography & a story line where the characters act like "goody 2-shoes perfect christians who do no wrong except for that one person who's not really a christian & so they all work hard to 'save' him." the actors in "the song" were REAL. they were natural. the characters were sinners, just like you & me. just because we're christians doesn't mean we're perfect or that we won't be tempted or give in to that temptation. but because we're christians, God convicts us & forgives us, but we have to repent. and forgive others. and forgive ourselves.

"the song" is the story of jed king, a singer who's the son of a famous singer, trying to make it on his own rather than the coattails of his father, david king. there are many biblical references throughout the movie & many "thematic elements" -- similarities to people, events, etc., from the bible: david king/king david; david king has an affair with a married woman, just like king david. jed goes to the small town of sharon where he meets rose - rose of sharon; it's love at 1st sight as far as jed's concerned and when rose asks him what's the one thing he'd ask God for if he could ask for one thing, he says "wisdom" - just like solomon. throughout the movie there's a narrator doing a voiceover of ecclesiastes and other bible references. the writers did an excellent job tying the bible into the scenes. it really "made" the movie.

jed & rose begin a courtship & marry - there are no sex scenes or bare skin/private body parts in this movie, but on their wedding night as they walk upstairs, you "know" what's going to happen, but everything is left to your adult imagination -- maybe understanding is a better word. we had s & f's 14 year old son & 93 year old grandpa c with us & i felt even this scene was appropriate for them.

jed writes a song for rose & the song is influential in his career skyrocketing. over the years they have a son, Ray (as in rehoboam, solomon's son....!) jed's away from home a lot & worldly temptations take over. even though i "knew" jed was going to have an affair, i was secretly thinking, "no, no, don't do it!!!!" but he does.

and that's all i'm going to say......i don't want to ruin it for y'all. if you haven't seen this movie & it's still playing near you, GO SEE IT! if it doesn't come to your area, wait for the dvd & GET IT!! the dvd is coming out in early 2015 according to my friends @ "the song"!!
i'm gonna want to buy 20+ copies to give as gifts!!!

and BE SURE to watch all the way through the credits because there's a special ending scene that you MUST SEE! the credits are long, but it's worth it! i always like to stay through the credits -- usually makes the people i'm with irritated, but sometimes there are special things in the credits! like this final scene!

when we were walking out of the theater, s asked me how i liked the movie. i said, "it was more emotional than i expected & brought back some bad memories." some of the scenes were hard to watch -- a little too close to home. it's one of those movies that makes you think & search your soul. one of the things i "got" from this movie was forgiveness & how important it is. i always wondered why God didn't answer my prayers to save my marriage. i realized that even though i had forgiven john AFTER we got divorced, i should have forgiven him BEFORE. not to say that everything would have worked out & we wouldn't have gotten divorced, but forgiveness on my part was required by God & i didn't do it. at least not when i should have.

and even now i question why God doesn't answer my prayers. and i realized i need to forgive myself. forgive myself for not trusting God enough, for not letting God be the One in control, the One who directs my steps. my friend renee posted her devotional reading for october 10 on facebook. it's so appropriate!!!!!!

i love how God uses things like movies or devotionals to make me think & get my life back on track with Him. i love how he reinforces the fact that HE LOVES ME.

right now i'm working on being the right person for HIM, for God. because HE loves me.

when the movie producers sent me that message saying they wanted to bless me with this movie, they had no idea how much i would be blessed!!!

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