Thursday, October 16, 2014

peanut butter cookies and pizza

that's what i made tonight.

(that's a LOT of cookies!!!)

well, i made the crust tonight. it will be pizza tomorrow night.

(it's shiny because it already has the plastic wrap on it!)

i promised my friend susan (aka "tax widow") that i would give her & foster a date night as soon as tax season was over. tax season 2014 officially ended yesterday, october 15!!!!! YAY!!!!! susan has a fun, romantic evening planned - she's cooking all of foster's favorite foods & then there will be ballroom dancing (in their living room!) and then they'll probably do what every married couple does.....

....they'll do some chores around the house, pay some bills, talk about things that need to be done for/with the kid, & then they'll fall asleep in front of the tv!!!!!!!! how romantic!!!!!!!

what were YOU thinking they'd do????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i, however, will be having a very unromantic evening with 3 men! (susan gets 1, i get 3!!!) the CPA & i will be "babysitting" sam (aka "geronimo's boy") and grandpa carter! we'll be having cauliflower pizza that everyone can put their own toppings on, gluten-free peanut butter cookies & movie popcorn that we'll pick up from the movie theater on our way home while we watch "the guardian" -- a really good guy movie that's really good for girls too. (cuz it's got lots of cute coast guard/navy seal type guys in it!!!!!!!!!!!) on the CPA's big screen tv with surround sound!

come to think of it, i might be having the better night after all!!!!!!

the CPA agreed to this weeks ago. but i guess since he's been so involved in tax season, he forgot. when i reminded him the other day, he wasn't too happy, but he'll get over it!!!! he doesn't have to DO anything. i'm doing all the cooking & i even told him we could use paper plates. what is it with guys and paper plates? they act like it's so hard to wash a dish! that's what dishwashers are for!!!!

i wanted some kind of dessert that guys would like. (i'd prefer a berry cobbler, but that sounds more girlish than guyish! (even though guys DO like berry cobblers.....) so i made gluten-free peanut butter cookies. all guys like peanut butter, right? but they do have sugar in them, so other than the 1 i tried tonight, i won't be eating any of them. they remind me of the cookies we had in elementary school. i have never, NEVER, seen these cookies anywhere except my elementary school. i don't even think the high school had them! they were huge (at least they were back then - but everything about elementary school was huge. when i went back as an adult, i couldn't believe how little everything looked!!!!! it was like they had shrunk everything!) and they had this CERTAIN texture -- gritty, like sand! but they were SOOOOO GOOD!!! and they usually always served them with this one certain meal: the best homemade mac & cheese (not the boxed kraft garbage with the fake orange cheese, this stuff was white & had huge noodles...!), peanut butter sandwiches on white bread - no jelly, and green beans!

anyways, i've been trying to find a recipe that matches these cookies for 35ohmygosh36years or more!!! and by golly, i think i found it!!!! and they're soooooo easy!!! and gritty!!!! ha ha!!! and they have only 4 ingredients: 1 cup of creamy peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon baking soda.

that's it!!! you mix it all up with a spoon & make 1 inch balls, place on an ungreased cookie sheet & flatten them with a fork by making that "trademark" peanut butter cookie crosshatch with the fork tines then bake at 325 for 10 minutes. let them cool completely before trying to remove from cookie sheet or they'll crumble. and then you will have to eat the crumbled one(s)!

well, i'd better get to bed - 4darkthirty comes awful early, i've had a busy, stressful week at work & i've gotta be rested so i can stay awake tomorrow night. i'm notorious for falling asleep during movies at home. i can stay awake in the movie theater, but i always fall asleep watching them at home!

tomorrow would NOT be the night to do THAT!!!!

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