Sunday, October 5, 2014

the song, part 2

i should stop making promises about what i'm going to post! today was supposed to be part 2 of "the song" -- my review of the movie.

BUT, i spent the day yesterday working on the ranch! i mowed, fertilized, watered, pulled weeds, mulched the flowerbeds and did 3 loads of laundry.

(i should have weed-eated too, but i didn't!)

i think next time i'm gonna lay around & let HIM do the work!!!! whoever came up with the saying, "workin' like a dog" or "it's a dog's life" was crazy --- THIS dog doesn't work & i'd trade my life for his any day!!!! to just lay around in the sun all day long, have someone bring you your food, love you, rub your back, play with you & then let you lay in the sun again while they go to work -- yeah, i'll do that!!!!!!

here he is "guarding his food" from the birds!!! lazy thing even ate by laying by the food!!! he sure isn't that lazy at 4 am!!!!!!

sam came over yesterday & played with geronimo for a little bit---geronimo was a happy dog!!!

today after church i had lunch with the carters (the non-CPA part of the carters!), did a little grocery shopping for vegetables to go with all the meat dishes i made last saturday, came home & finished weeding & mulching one of the back flowerbeds, laid out for a little while, played with the dog, & now i'm pooped!!!! it was a short afternoon because we had communion in church & that always makes the service longer. after lunch & grocery shopping, i didn't get home til almost 3pm!!!!

i've been waiting for the carters to come with a delivery of pallets and then i think i'm gonna go to bed! the pallets are from the renovations we're doing to the main building at church. there were several REALLY NICE ones!!!!! i see a work bench being built in my near future!!!!!

since i want to do my review of the movie justice, i'm going to wait & do it another time. it's gonna be hard to write a review -- i don't want to give it all away & spoil it for those of y'all who haven't seen it!!!!

so, since darkthirty comes super quickly & it's already almost 9:30, good night for now!

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