Monday, October 27, 2014

i'll show you, dr. kau!!!!!

three months ago when i went to the dr. he & i had a big fight. we actually yelled at each other! he kept wanting to give me all sorts of medicines that gave me or had horrible side effects. i kept refusing to take them. i got really - REALLY - sick one one of the medicines. when i left the office, i said, "i'll show you, dr. kau!!" (pronounced cow, so you'd think i'd like him!!! well, i actually do like him, i was just sick of his "cover it with a pill" attitude instead helping me fix the problem.)

from may to august i had lost 6 lbs. - after months of not losing anything. after years of eating nothing but salads. after walking with the dog a few times a week in the evenings.

after that day i began walking in the mornings with the dog & my friends s & f. EVERY day. and i began my paleo diet - paleo way of eating rather than a "diet". my body's getting the workout it needs & and it's not starving anymore. the scale frustrates me, so i don't weigh every day or every week. in fact, after weighing every day the 1st week, i've only weighed 2 or 3 times in 3 months. instead i'm gauging how i'm doing by how my clothes fit & how my body feels.

and now i've added "planking" every morning & evening to strengthen my "core" & abdominals.

i'm going to be adding weights & other exercises to my evening routine. and i'm really shooting for an earlier bedtime...........that one's gonna be the hardest!!!!

last week when i went to get my blood work done, the technician was impressed. today when i walked into the office, the nurses were like, "wow! look at you!" the head nurse said, "what have you been doing?" she was so excited & told me my numbers --- wow!!! i did good!!!!

i lost 11 lbs in 3 months and lowered my AC1 4 points!!!!!! so that's 17 lbs in 6 months and while the scale may not show it, i can really see it in the inches.

i'll have that "barbie body" yet!!!

dr. kau was a pooper & instead of being as excited as us girls were, he said "that's good, but you're not at the target # that i want you to be at & your blood pressure is higher than it was last time & your cholesterol is higher too. i want you to take these 3 pills." we "discussed" it back & forth for awhile. he took me off the insulin shots -- YAY!!! but because of my non-existent insulin production, i still need to take a pill for that. much better than several shots a day!! so i conceded on that point. rather than his other 2 pills, i'm going to look at lowering my blood pressure & cholesterol in a more natural way.

i walked out of there saying, "i'm going to show you AGAIN, dr. kau!!!!"

and yesterday i did something that a few months ago i NEVER would have DREAMED of doing ----

i posted pictures of myself in a swimming suit on facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trying to show how much extra room there was in my shorts....

wow! that took guts!!! skinny guts!!!!

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