Saturday, November 1, 2014

this was a two-man job!

but since i don't even have one man, i did it all by myself!!!!

i've been wanting to make a workbench for a long time and today i did!!

first i had to clean up the garage a little & i decided to paint the wall behind the workbench. i used the "taupe" that i did the guest bathroom with.



then i sorted out the 10 pallets i had & chose the best ones for the top & the back. the front legs were made with a 2x4. i screwed them together & braced them with L brackets & some scrap pallet boards. i attached a piece of pallet wood at the top/back to prevent things from rolling off the back. the top pallet is solid boards on the top & bottom so it makes a good storage place for things like the level & tape measure, etc.

it doesn't look level in these pictures, but it is!!!

it went together pretty quickly and i think it turned out great!!! total cost under $5 for the L brackets!! it even has a light above it -- that was free - got it from one of the cubicles at work when we demolished several to make the conference room!

after that i cleaned up the rest of the garage & painted the "tool wall".......... it really looks nice!



(that jewelry box was a garbage day roadside find - from the next door neighbor!!! -- i have plans for the drawers!

i even have a fancy little shelf (that used to be on the front porch a long time ago) to hold my drill & circular saw! adds a nice "girly touch"!!!

wonder what my 1st project on it will be??

i'm pooped! it was a productive day & now i'm going to take a shower & go to bed (& because it's time change night, it's only 8:15 now!!)

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