Sunday, February 23, 2014

need to work on getting caught up

in the 2.5 months that i was without a computer & internet, i wrote so many blog posts in my head!!!! i wish i would have jotted some of them down so i could remember them to post now. hopefully i'll get caught up on my posts & now that it's getting to be spring hopefully i'll have some new projects to do & share.

back at the 1st of december i spent my birthday weekend in wimberley. my best friend who used to live a block away then moved to magnolia moved there last summer. she used to be 1 minute away, then moved 30-45 minutes away & now she's 3+ hours away. i HATE that, but it's sorta nice to have a "vacation home" in a cute little hill-country town! too bad i don't get to take many vacations!!!! i spent 4 days there & we did some shopping, sight-seeing, stamping, cooking & eating--well, her husband cooked for us, we ate! -- & went out to eat a couple times too. we went christmas shopping in gruene (pronounced "green" -- i LOVE that little town!!! i wanna live there! it was "market day" & we froze our butts off, but had a lot of fun. i got to wimberley on thursday - my birthday - while she was still at work, so i read a little & took a nap.

they built their house on land they owned right on cypress creek. it's a gorgeous house (or at least it will be when it's all done; they've got a few more things to finish up.) that tree behind the house is actually growing out of the middle of the back porch!!!!! it's a gigantic 100+ year old pecan tree that they just couldn't bear to cut down, so they built the porch around it!

they intend to someday have a bed & breakfast -- maybe i can be the maid!!!!!! the guest room has a shower big enough for 3 or 4 people!!!!!

friday she had to work, so i slept in, laid in bed reading til noon, then got ready & went sight-seeing.

i drove to dripping springs & along the way found "my truck"! i've wanted my artist friend to paint me a picture of a rusty old truck, but i didn't want any old truck off the internet....i wanted my own truck! i found it!!!! i also found a neat old rusty tractor. so i pretended i was some journalist photographer who knew what she was doing in the freezing rain & wind & took bunches of pictures at all different angles!! i couldn't feel my fingers or nose & my lens would steam up if i got it close to my body, but i got some great pictures!!

these aren't the angles the paintings will be. i'll show them to you after doris paints them!

along with my sight-seeing & photographing, i also did some trespassing!!!!! i'll tell you about that in another post!!!!

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