Thursday, February 6, 2014

back online!!!!

well, here i am, 3 months later. i've got a computer & the internet again. i've missed everyone, but i honestly HAVEN'T missed facebook or the internet!! it was a nice break - God taught me a lot about patience & spending time with Him instead of a little electronic idol. and briefly scanning over comments & posts on FB, i didn't miss a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there were quite a few times that i wanted to make a particular card or recipe or project i had pinned on pinterest & couldn't because i had no access to pinterest during those 3 months either, but i managed to get by without it/them! it was nice having people CALL me on the PHONE because they couldn't "talk" to me on FB. (Stacey Z: i'm so sorry for not returning your call. i PROMISE i will call you this weekend!) so yes, i'm "back" but i have vowed that technology won't be my idol. i won't be on FB very much (have to change my pinterest/spotify/etc settings to sign in separately rather than through FB so i don't have to sign in there & be tempted to sit for hours! many people have told me they miss my blog posts. well, i plan to continue them! THAT'S where i'll be spending most of my online time, so be sure to visit me here! i just need to take some time & re-learn how to do everything & find everything & learn windows 8!!!! (it's different!!) plus there's the whole brand new computer to get used to & learn! need to learn how to uppload photos & do all that needs to be done to them to get them on the blog. hopefully all this won't take too long to learn! i'll also have to go back & try to remember all the posts i wrote in my head that i couldn't post during my hiatus!!

but i'm back & i'm glad i'm back. (& you can see i haven't forgotten where the exclamation key is!!!!!!)

love y'all!!

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