Monday, February 24, 2014

i got sam elliott for my birthday!

i was going to title this post "i slept with sam elliott for my birthday" -- but thought that might get me some dirty looks or bunches of creepy stalkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i really did!!!!!

the day i left for wimberley i stopped at the mailbox & grabbed the mail (which i usually only do about once a week cuz all there ever is is junk mail). there was a padded envelope package for me!!!! it was one of those cutsey envelopes & it was from a friend of mine from church. it felt like a magazine & i assumed it was a stamping or card making/crafting magazine. i tossed the mail on the front seat & headed off on my 3 hour drive to my vacation home!!! at one of the red lights along the way i opened the envelope.

it was a "cowboys & indians" magazine with sam elliott on the cover & an article about him inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'd seen this magazine on the internet (mostly on pinterest pictures of sam!) but had never seen it in person. i had a good chuckle over the gift!!!! my friend L knows me so well!!!! she knows i'd want nothing more than to have sam elliott for my birthday!!!!!

well, that night after my friend C & i stayed up 1/2 the night talking, i read my magazine after i got in bed. i fell asleep reading it. when i woke up, i was lying on my side & there, staring me in the face, was sam elliott, lying on the pillow next to me!!!! my 1st thought was, "OH MY! i've slept with sam elliott!!!!!!"

there's no better birthday present than THAT!!!!!!!!!!! (well, i can think of one!!!)

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