Sunday, February 9, 2014

i will NEVER buy store-bought bbq sauce ever again

...because i can make MY OWN!!!!!

my friend laurie gave me a jar of her homemade bbq sauce a few months ago. i swear, it was THE BEST bbq sauce i've ever tasted!!! i used it at thanksgiving (we had bbq'd chicken because my oven wasn't working) & again at christmas on steak. and then the little teeny tiny jar was gone!

i told her i needed more & she said we'd get together one day & she'd teach me how to make it. well, today was that day!

it's sooooooo easy & sooooooooo good!!!! you can "personalize" it by making it hotter, spicier, smokey-er -- whatever you choose. (ya gotta remember to use white vinegar & not apple cider vinegar though!!!!!! still comes out good, but you have to compensate with more pepper sauce!)

here are pictures of the process --

the lids all "popped"!! my very 1st attempt at canning!!! (my mom used to can everything when we were growing up. i wish she had taught me.....)
i made cute little labels -- with barbed wire embossing on them!!!! the little "1" is for "1st batch". this batch made 6 & 3/4 half pints.

they look so cute in my cupboard. i wanted to be able to see them, not hide them behind a cupboard door!

laurie had to leave as soon as we were done. i cooked a couple hamburgers (1 for lunch tomorrow!) and topped them with the sauce. OMG!!!! it's soooo good!!!!! it has just the right "zing" -- leaves your lips tingling!!! it's even good just eaten with a spoon!!!!

y'all come on over & we'll grill something!!!

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