Tuesday, March 26, 2013


note: this post is not a put down to any bloggers who create "vignettes" or post about them or change their wall decor every other day or decorate their mantle for every holiday or change it just because it's thursday. i admire you. i wish i had your creativity! this is just a post about boring old me!

i'm not one for creating "vignettes". lots of bloggers create vignettes just so they'll have something to post.

not me.

kim at savvy southern style wrote a whole post on how to create a vignette.

lots of bloggers change their wall decor or mantles just so they'll have something to post.

not me.

i often think i should change up my walls or mantle, but then i think, "if i took 'that' down, where would i put it? what would i put in its place?" "how many holes would i have in my walls if i moved stuff all around all the time?" "but i like 'that'. how could i put it away? i want to see it!"

(but i do realize that sometimes you get so used to seeing something in the same place that after awhile you don't "see it" anymore. so it might be a good thing to change stuff up every once in awhile!)

lots of bloggers decorate for every season.

not me.

i guess i'm pretty boring.

or i don't like change.

or maybe i just have things the way i want them.

(wish i could do that with every part of my life!!!!)

BUT today i have a "vignette"!!!!

i've always wanted one of these coke crates. but they're pretty pricey. but i got one given to me for FREE!!!! it came with a little metal wagon (which i'm gonna put outside in the flowerbed) from a friend at church. she was tired of it & thought i would like it. ummmmmmmm, yes!!!!

so i made a "vignette" on my dining room table!!!

and i can take a picture of it from every angle, just like those "vignette makers"!!!!

now it's got me lookin' at the things on the wall.................look out!!!!!

linking up to savvy southern style, wow us wednesdays


L Wilson said...

That's cute. One thing i've been wondering is why you have a pile of door knobs as your table centerpiece? Probably so you can bonk a person in the forehead with one when they're over for dinner and ask you why you have doorknobs as a centerpiece.

dorothy erdely said...

uh huh!!!!!!! so watch it!!!!!