Sunday, March 24, 2013

bluebonnets 2013

are nothin' like the bluebonnets of 2012, but they're still BEAUTIFUL.

these plants will still get bigger over the next few weeks.


last year the entire backyard was FILLED with bluebonnets. this year i have patches. the dog dug most of the ones in the flowerbeds. there are a few plants left. there are a skimpy few by the swingset -- that's where the dog likes to go to the bathroom -- don't know if that has anything to do with the skimpiness!!! the ones on the side where his house & "dog yard" are never had a chance!!
these are the ones by the patio that bloomed at christmas then froze then came back!!

with as many as there were last year, i expected a whole lot more this year -- but it's like a poker game, you take a chance & get what you get!! (by the way, i've never played poker in my whole life, but it sounded good!!!!!!!)

front side flowerbed:

for 23 years i've tried to grow bluebonnets in this side flowerbed. they've never wanted to grow here until this year!

the driveway!!!!:

this one is right at the entrance to the garage! i've learned to straddle it as i'm driving in!!!!! i've never run over it nor have i hit the garage!!!!

wonder what next year will look like?!?!?

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