Sunday, March 3, 2013

closet makeover - $0; beautiful clean closet - priceless!

saturday afternoon at 2:30 i started to clean my closet. i took everything out, piled it on the bed & floor of my room, cleaned the closet & painted it. then i sorted & put back in a very organized manner (i thought it was organized before!) & even "decorated" it! i finished at 12:30!! i painted with paint i had in the garage. i wanted some sort of "accent" wall & had 2 pints of paint that sarah had given me when they moved. i used the darker of the 2 for the top part of 2 walls. i had just enough to do one coat - it really could have used another coat, but there was no more paint, so it'll have to do! the white paint was a leftover gallon from sarah. the color is "heavenly white". so much prettier than the "bone" color before!!! total cost of this makeover = $0 !!!

get ready for LOTS of pictures!!


i didn't even take a picture of EVERYTHING i pulled out of the closet! got so busy that i forgot!!


in my efforts to , i sorted a huge garbage bag of shoes & clothes to donate. it's all stuff i've been hanging on to forever. i didn't even think twice, i just kept telling myself, "let it go, let it go!"
now the closet has just what i actually wear & is so much better.

did ya see the tumbleweed up there on the top shelf? every texas countrygirl needs an authentic texas tumbleweed!!! i used to have the shoe shelves on the floor, but decided i liked them up high & the shelf was looking a little bare & in need of "decorating"!!

the picture is one i cross-stitched about 25+ years ago of our wedding vows. it's a very pretty picture & used to hang on the wall in our bedroom but got stuffed in the bottom/back of the closet a long time ago. marriage vows are just words unless BOTH people think it's important to honor them. i decided that i like the picture & i still think the words/vows are something i like, so i'm just going to enjoy the picture for now.

this is not the 1st time the closet's been cleaned, but it is the 1st time in 23 years that it's been painted & decorated. another of those "why didn't i do this a long time ago" moments!!!!!!!


Pony and Petey said...


I thoroughly looked through my (your) card idea books yesterday and enjoyed every single second! I still can't believe I get to be the new BLESSED owner of those!

I'm liking this Simplify trend = ))

L Wilson said...

Nice job! But I was wondering why you had salt and pepper in your closet.

dorothy erdely said...

huh? oh the jars!!!! that's the paint from sarah!!!!