Saturday, March 23, 2013

escapades of geronimo, part 3

don't worry -- you didn't miss part 2. i just haven't written it yet!!!! it's gonna take awhile & i don't have time to relive it write it right now!!!!

we didn't get to go on a walk tonight. or this afternoon like i planned.

thanks to THIS GUY:

how can somebody so CUTE be such a terror??????

here he is "posing" for his picture in the bluebonnets in the driveway!!!

that was AFTER he stood in them & sat ON them!!!!!

why didn't we go on our usual walk today?

last night after we got home from our walk, i accidentally left the leash & walking collar on top of geronimo's house. i usually take it off of him inside MY house & put it in the toolbox next to the back door then let him out the back door. i had his food ready on the counter & as we were walking by i grabbed it & we went right out the door. i took his collar & leash off & set them on top of his house while i chained him up. we started playing & when i went inside, i forgot the leash. this morning when i went out to see him & feed him, i found a piece of his leash here, another piece over there & another piece totally missing!

later i found it in the flowerbed. the flowerbed that he's been DIGGING in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and those roses don't look all that great because he's been peeing on them!!! when i let him loose to play, he INSISTS on climbing in the bed & peeing on the roses!

here's what his $30+ leash & collar look like now:

beyond repair!!!!

so no walking til i stop at petsmart tomorrow after church & buy him another walking collar. (i have another leash!)

i know it was my fault for leaving it out there, but DOES HE HAVE TO DESTROY E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.?????????????

good thing he's cute!


Suzan Sweatman said...

Oh he's more than cute Dorothy - he's GORGEOUS!!!
Destructive but gorgeous - and now you have to buy another " bloody " leash!!!

dorothy erdely said...

thanks, suzan!! he is a gorgeous dog & he's very well behaved when i'm giving him 100% attention. i love going walking with him & he's so sweet to everyone we meet. the deal was for me to have him for just a couple months, but that's looking like it's gonna be june or july and now i'm so attached that i don't want to let him go!!!!!!