Saturday, March 30, 2013

bluebonnet portraits

some friends from church came over this morning so i took their pictures in the bluebonnets. there aren't as many bluebonnets as there were last year. last year you couldn't walk in the backyard without walking on bluebonnets. i miss not having as many, but it's much easier to navigate back there & there sure are a lot less weeds than there was last year!!! i don't miss those at all!!!

the little girls always want popsicles when they come over. i had just enough -- even one for geronimo!!!! he kept looking at the girls with that "hey, where's mine?" look!!!! don't know if popsicles are bad for dogs or not, but they can't be any worse than all the other stuff he's already eaten!!!!!

here's geronimo wanting to "shake" with hannah!!!

after the popsicles, he showed them how he "swims" in his tub!!! they got a real kick outta that!!!!

he really is a good dog!

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