Wednesday, February 27, 2013

who is this dog i'm living with???????

yes, i have a dog.

i didn't want a dog.

now i don't want to not have a dog.

i think i've lost my mind!!!!!

we used to have a dog. had her for 15 years. she was a crazy, hyper puppy that never grew up. until the very end. i think she began to lose her sight a little & she had some other health problems that developed, but she was still pretty chipper. when i got sick in 2011 she went to live with suzanne's dad because she was just too much for me to take care of at that time.

suzanne loved to do crazy things with that dog!

suzanne has been away at college for 3 years. she can't have a dog at college but has wanted one very badly. she had her dad almost talked into one before thanksgiving but he had a fire at his house & is living in an apartment til it's repaired, so no dog.

well, that didn't stop her! the little stinker went to the spca in dallas & got herself a dog! a pitbull puppy. she soon realized that wasn't the dog for her & returned it. she had 30 days to get another or "lose" her money. she emailed me & asked if she got a dog, could it live at my house til it could go to her dad's house. my 1st thought was, "no dog! lose your money & learn a lesson!" some strange thing came over me & i said yes! now, i hate dog poop in the yard & i hate having to pick it up. i was rather attached to having a clean yard & being able to come & go as i pleased without having to worry about not being able to pick up & go away whenever i wanted to! i was very glad to not have to sweep the floor of dog hair every day. i liked having a clean house!

i claim insanity. or the fact that i was just overcome by his cuteness!!! dang my kids for falling in love with cute dogs!!!! that's how we got kristi! i was DEAD set against having a dog. suzanne's dad & brother were supposed to go to the hardware store & ended up at the pet store. they called & said, "just come look at her, she's so cute." i tried to stand my ground -- "NO....i'll be the one having to take care of it & potty train it... no dog!" we met them at the pet store & the darn dog was just too cute!!! yes, i had to take care of her & i was the one taking her out at 2am. she was 8 weeks old when we got her & suzanne was just turning 5.

so suzanne went back to the spca & got THIS dog.

this dog is just too dang cute too! and he's a handful!!! 2 handfuls!!! he's a shepherd/siberian husky mix. he's big, he's strong, he's smart, he's destructive, he's................GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the pound named him dylan. he's definitely NOT a dylan!!!! he's a GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

or a PINBALL! cuz he's like ping! ping!!! ping!!!!! all over the house!!! he was about 17 months old when she got him, so he'll be about 2 around suzanne's birthday. maybe he'll calm down some by then............????????????

(one of the FEW times he's SAT STILL in the house!!!)

i'll be back over the next few days with "escapades of geronimo"!! stay tuned!!!!


Renee said...

omgoodness! Geronimo is CUTE!! He looks like my Pancheaux as a puppy :)

And my 'new' pup is named Dylan - it's a good name :)

Renee said...

Omgoodness! Geronimo is so cute! He reminds me a little of my Pancheaux as a puppy - I wouldn't have been able to pass him up either :)

And the newest addition to my fur squad is named Dylan - it's a good name!

dorothy erdely said...

hey renee! yes, he is cute!!! dylan IS a good name, just not the name that suits THIS guy!!!!! you'll HAVE to come & see him - after the rodeo's over!!!!!! love ya!!!