Monday, February 18, 2013


ok, if you know me, you KNOW when i've got a project in mind, sometimes i've just GOTTA do it!!! and if you read my #2 post for today, you know i had a project in mind! and it was too early to go to bed. and i'm not reading a book right now. (yes, i could read my bible -- and i will!) AND i said i'd post the sign as soon as i had it done.

well, it's done!!!! in fact, the paint's still wet in this picture!!!!! i'm debating whether i'm going to stain it or leave it "bright white" -- what do you think i should do?

it'll help me remember that not only is God's love enough, but GOD is ENOUGH. He's all i need!!!

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Amy Kinser said...

Your sign is wonderful!

Blessings, Amy

dorothy erdely said...

thanks, amy!!

Chenille Cottage said...

What a beautiful way to be reminded of God's love!
Thanks so much for sharing1