Sunday, February 24, 2013

weekend to do list

it was a busy weekend

1. taught a stampin' workshop -- check
2. poop duty -- check
3. played with the dog -- check
4. cleaned up the backyard -- check
5. laundry - washed, dried, folded, put away -- check
6. painted a pallet sign -- check
7. walked the dog -- check
8. taught sunday school & went to church -- check
9. did the taxes -- check
10. paid the bills -- check
11. played with the dog -- check
12. walked the dog -- check
13. bought a new hose because the dog ate the one i had -- check

now i'm gonna spend the rest of the evening with my mustached man! gotta get up early so i can get my oil changed before work.

i'll be back tomorrow with pictures of everything.

well, maybe i'll leave out the poop & the laundry & the taxes & the bills & the hose............guess i'll just have pictures of the sign & maybe the dog!!!!!!


nbprov32 said...

i am dissapointed that you will not have pics of the poop. hahahahaha
love your glimpses into the life and times of a texas country gal. soooo was the mustache man live or memorex?
now i bet you wish you had NOT set up this google thing :-)

dorothy erdely said...

you know what, nb? i think i WILL post poop pictures!!!! i've got some good ones!!!!!!

now i bet YOU'RE gonna be sorry you made that comment!!!!

live or memorex??? i'll never tell!!!!!!!!!