Sunday, February 17, 2013

sunday energy

i came home from church this afternoon & washed my car. been wantin' to do that for quite some time now, but it's been so cold. today was nice & sunny & warm. had geronimo out there with me -- he kept trying to help!!! after i dried the car & washed all the dog drool off the inside windows, he & i played for awhile. he was getting real good at bringing me the rag when i asked for it -- of course that meant he'd get a treat!!!! smart dog!!!

he went back to the back yard & i started cutting up pallets. way back when, you'll remember i had 23 pallets in my garage. i used a few for christmas gifts. i had a couple i had started cutting up. today i cut like crazy & now i have only 14 pallets left!!!!

some of them i was able to leave whole for signs but just cut the 2x4's so they weren't so wide. others i cut into good size sections for signs. (i haven't progressed to the big furniture making projects yet!!!! i really want to do the lawn chaise though!!!!
(*pinned from somewhere on pinterest*)
gotta get up the nerve to tackle that one!!! and find just the right pallets! oh, i just remembered-- i think i have them -- a friend is storing a few at his house for me because they're nice BIG ones--& i mean REALLY big ones!!-- & i didn't have room for them!!! YAY!!!! i've gotta get busy & make room. i NEED this for this summer!!!)

a bunch of them i cut & pounded them off the 2x4's to use for a project! i'm hopin' i have the energy to tackle THAT tomorrow!!!! and i did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!! with my very own reciprocating saw & my very own 15" "superbar" (it's like a crowbar, but different!!!), & my very own rubber mallet!!!! without the help of a man with a circular saw or any other tool!!! just me. and i did a pretty darn good job!!!!! it would have been nice to have "amwacs" helping, but it was nice to know that i'm capable of doing things myself.

doesn't look like much, but that's a pretty big pile of wood. FREE WOOD!!!
THEN i cleaned the garage!!!!!! i swept the floor several times & then blew it with the blower to be sure there were no nails or parts of nails anywhere on the floor. doesn't it look amazing?!?!?!?!!

i stacked the remaining pallets vertically rather than having them leaning against each other -- takes up way less space, but boy was that last one heavy when i was trying to heave it up on top of the stack!!!! the last 2 are just leaning because i was pooped & just couldn't lift them up that high!!!

remember what the garage looked like from october til this afternoon????.....

here's another "future project":

i got this while out walking the dog one night a few weeks ago!!! neighbors down the street are moving & it was sitting outside at the curb with the "free" sign on it! the man & his son helped me carry it home! several ideas have been running around in my head for this & i think i've decided what i'm going to do with it. stay tuned!!!

after i cleaned the garage i was able to park the car in it!!!! YAY!!!! haven't done THAT since OCTOBER!!!!

only problem with parking in the garage is this:

a bluebonnet that has grown in the crack right in front of the garage!!!!

it just happens to be right in the tire line & i'll be driving over it!!!!

part of me wants to park in the garage & part of me wants to wait til the poor little guy's done blooming so i don't kill him!!!!!

well, i'm TIRED so i'm gonna go to bed now -- yes, BEFORE 9:30!!! i've got tomorrow off & i've got big plans for this:

see ya later!!!


Laurie said...

You've been busy!

dorothy erdely said...

yup! had a lot of energy to burn off & didn't want to waste the long weekend. got lots done & did a lot of nothin' too!!!! now i have to go back to work tomorrow....! ;(